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For decades, killer whales have been performing for sold-out audiences at aquatic theme parks like SeaWorld – and for nearly as long, there have been cries to “free the orcas.” To which park executives have answered with a simple question: Where will they go?

    A legitimate argument. Orcas held in captivity for much or all of their lives are simply not equipped to deal with life in the wild. But all that has changed, thanks to the “dream team” of scientists/orca experts/engineers with The Whale Sanctuary Project. In early 2020 - after an intense three year search - the WSP secured a model seaside sanctuary at Port Hilford, Nova Scotia. Here, whales and dolphins can be permanently retired into an environment as close as possible to their natural habit - an area roughly 300x the size of a concrete tank. All the while maximizing their well-being and autonomy.

    This ground-breaking effort is revealed in the film through interviews with the key players along with exclusive footage of similar cold-water sites, the most crucial piece of a very complex puzzle. In the end, it is all about restoring something we humans have taken from these highly intelligent, socially complex animals by forcing them to live in captivity for our entertainment and amusement. And by retiring them to a seaside sanctuary, we dignify not only the orcas but ourselves.

Please consider supporting this important initiative:

The Whale Sanctuary
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